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Terms & Conditions

1. BISA will not accept any returned goods if any failed to fulfill the RMA Request Form. Please refer to our RMA
     procedures for details.

2. The failure product must be within warranty. The warranty period is subject to the product type.
     The specific time can refer to the invoice's remark note.

3. Warranty does not apply for:
    a. any improper usage or
    b. operation in unfavorable condition or
    c. failure caused by other part in the same operation systems or
    d. ambient unfavorable environment

4. BISA reserves the right to refuse RMA if any damage caused after shipped out from BISA.

5. It is the customer's responsibility to fill in the RMA Request Form completely and clearly.
    The content must include RMA goods description; quantity; lot number; problem found;
    BSI ("BISA Sales Invoice") number and date.

6. If the RMA information does not match with our record, the RMA goods will not be accepted.

7. RMA Request Form should be enclosed when the customer returns the failure products.

8. Attach BSI ("BISA Sales Invoice") copy if any.

9. The customer is responsible for the freight charge on RMA return while BISA is responsible for the freight charge
     on RMA replacement.

10. If the replacement goods received is still a failure item, the customer should apply RMA request again
       immediately within 7 days. BISA will not accept late request on this case, which means the replacement goods
      only have 7 days a "Dead On Arrival (DOA)" warranty, but not one year

RMA Procedure

RMA Return

Step 1: Fill in the RMA Form with information such as invoice number, invoice date, lot no., description and quantity      
              is a must.

Step 2: Email form or fax to our RMA Department

Step 3: All the approved RMA goods should be marked with our authorized number and sent to BISA as soon as
              possible,  within 7 days.

Step 4: You need to clean out all labels from the returned products before you return the product, and please attach
              the RMA Request Form.

RMA Replacement

Step 1: Once we receive the RMA goods from our supplier, we will arrange the replacement immediately and
              a delivery  note will be enclosed.

Step 2: If the RMA replacement is over 3 months, the customer can request refund instead.
              The refund amount will refer to the price of purchase order or market price depends on the terms being
              agreed in both sides.

Download RMA table