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BISA stands for BIS Automation. She was once an IT department of BIS Oilfields Supply and Engineering Ltd., which is one of the leading supply houses serving oil and gas companies in Hong Kong and China for more than 25 years. BIS Oilfields and BISA are wholly owned by BIS Investment (Holdings) Ltd. BISA was, officially registered and inaugurated in 2004 in Hong Kong, diversified for business in connection with research and development of the wireless and active RFID products applicable for use in all industries, particularly in logistics, surveillance and security, identity and labeling, asset tracking etc. With continual efforts all these years on R&D processes, we are now considered ourselves as the most innovative producer of active RFID with integration of mobile phone, GPS and sensors in the Far East region. The most prestigious selling point for active RFID is to reveal the real time location for monitoring the persons and/or assets in motion within the premises. This is a crucial point for the use in surveillance and security sector whereby one can tell in the monitor the whereabouts of objects in question. Moreover, Near Field Communication technique which based on RFID is used in a wide array of applications including mobile payments, loyalty points, anti-counterfeit, access control etc. Meantime, we are selling these products to Siemens, and other solution integrators in Canada, Hong Kong, Japan and potentially in other part of the world.

BISA has two R&D offices in Shenzhen, China namely BISA Technologies (Shenzhen) Limited and BisWin Technologies (Shenzhen) Limited. To enhance the products presentation and R&D performance, we have our own design team and lab shop with updated machineries for making samples and prototypes for our customers. Moreover, we have our sales and backup teams stationed in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Shanghai to our clients in the regions. Meantime, BISA group has more than 50 engineers who are devoted to contribute their knowledge know-how and expertise to all our friends and customers worldwide.

  • TCP/IP Reader
  • 2.4GHz RS232/485 Reader
  • USB Portable Reader
  • Industrial Reader with CAN-bus
  • Intrinsic-Safe Reader(Fixed)
  • ESL Reader
  • SmartFile Reader
  • Security Tag Reader
  • Jewellery Counter
  • WiFi Reader
  • Addressing Tag
  • Active Configurable Tag
  • Electronic Shelf
  • Jewllery Tag
  • Security Tag
  • SmartFile
  • Temperature Sensor Tag
  • Wi-Fi Tag
  • Wrist Active Tag
  • Vibration Sensor Tag
  • Hotel Lock System
  • Fast Food Tag
  • Fast Food Tag
  • Exciter (ET0807A)